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Sayaingen no gomayogoshi (String bean salad with sesame seed dressing)

admin January 28, 2011 No Comments Favorites, Holiday, Summer Fare

From a much-mimeographed (yes, really!) set of recipes my mom got in a how-to-make-sushi class she took many, many years ago. These beans are to die for, they are that good. Truly. AT LEAST double the recipe, but I recommend quadrupling it. 1/2 lb string beans, boiled and then cut diagonally (cutting them after boiling […]

ajg’s brisket rub

admin August 20, 2010 No Comments Summer Fare

4 parts brown sugar 1 part kosher salt 1 part black pepper 1/2 part ground cumin 1/2 part granulated garlic 1/2 part granulated onion 1/4 part cayenne 1/4 chili powder 10:10 < ajg> I measured nothing 10:10 < ajg> all by eye [ cialis generic viagra | viagra expiration date | order usa viagra online […]

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