Bangladeshi White Chicken Korma

This was freaking fantastic. However, having somebody else cut up the chicken (or just using quarters/breasts) would probably help. If you have a whole chicken to work with though, cut it up! Note, you probably want to have as wide of a pan/pot to cook this in, so you’re not trying to cycle the chicken pieces around to cook in the sauce. Or, don’t use a 4.5 pound chicken :)

4 Tbsp olive or canola oil or ghee
Three 3-inch cinnamon sticks
3 bay leaves
10 cardamom pods
1 medium onion, sliced into fine half rings
One 3 3/4-pound chicken, skinned and cut into small serving pieces (breast into 6 pieces, each leg into 2 pieces, wings into 3 pieces, back into 3 pieces, neck into 2 pieces)
1/2 medium onion, chopped very finely
3 Tbsp finely grated peeled fresh ginger (use a fine microplane)
6 cloves garlic, crushed to a pulp with a garlic press
1/2 cup acidophilus yogurt, or plain yogurt plus 1 Tbsp lemon juice, beaten until smooth
1 1/4 tsp salt
1-2 tsp finely chopped fresh hot green chilies

Put the oil into a large sauté pan or a large, deep frying pan and set over medium-high heat. When the oil is really hot, put in the cinnamon, bay leaves, and cardamom. Stir for 10 seconds as the spices sizzle. Add the sliced onions. Stir and fry for about 3 minutes or until the onions brown a bit. Add the chicken pieces. Stir and cook 5-6 minutes or until the chicken pieces brown lightly. Add the chopped onions, the ginger, and the garlic. Stir and fry for 2 minutes. Add the yogurt and salt. Stir and cook for 10 minutes. Add the chilies and 3 Tbsp water. Bring to a simmer. Cover, turn heat to low, and simmer very gently for another 10-15 minutes or until the chicken is tender.

[ From “At Home with Madhur Jaffrey” ]

Bangladeshi Red Lentils

This didn’t work so well the first time, but maybe with red lentils it would.

1 cup red lentils (skinless masoor dal), washed and drained
1/4 tsp ground turmeric
1 medium onion, half finely shopped and half cut into fine half rings
3/4-1 tsp salt
3 Tbsp olive or canola oil
2 cloves garlic, cut into thin slices
2-3 dried hot red chilies, each broken in half

Put the red lentils, 3 1/2 cups water, turmeric, and the chopped onions into a medium pan. Bring to a boil. Cover partially, turn heat to low, and cook 45 minutes or until the lentils are very tender. Add the salt and mix in.

Pour the oil into a small frying pan set over medium heat. When hot, put in the sliced onions and stri a few times. Add the garlic and chilies. Stir and fry until the onions and garlic have turned a rich golden-red color. Pour the contents of the frying pan into the pot with the dal. Stir to mix.

[ From “At Home with Madhur Jaffrey” ]

Red Lentils with Ginger

Tara really liked this, and the boys did too.

3 cloves garlic, crushed in a garlic press
1 tsp finely grated peeled fresh ginger
1 Tbsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp ground turmeric
3 Tbsp olive or canola oil
4 Tbsp chopped onions
1 cup (5 ounces) finely chopped tomatoes
1 cup red lentils (skinless masoor dal), washed and drained
3/4-1 tsp salt
3 Tbsp chopped cilantro
1 Tbsp unsalted butter (optional)

Put the garlic, ginger, coriander, cumin, cayenne, and turmeric into a cup and mix.

Pour the oil into a wide, medium pan and set over medium heat. When hot, put in the onions. Stir and fry until they turn golden at the edges. Add the spice mixture from the ucp. Stir for a minute. Add the tomatoes. Stir and cook, scraping the bottom, until the tomatoes have softened. Now put in the red lentils, 3 1/2 cups water, and the salt. Bring to a boil. Cover partially, turn heat to low, and cook 45 minutes. Stir well and cook, uncovered, another 5 minutes. Stir in the cilantro and butter just before serving.

[ From “At Home with Madhur Jaffrey” ]

Yellow Basmati Rice with Sesame Seeds

A good, basic, rice. The split-peas don’t really work, so I may leave them out next time. Only down-side is the 30 minute prep on the rice, but you can do that while making other dishes.

2 cups basmati rice
2 tbsp olive or canola oil
1 dried hot red chili
1 tsp urad dal or yellow split peas
1 tsp whole brown or yellow mustard seeds
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1/2 tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp salt, if desired

Put the rice in a bowl. Wash in several changes of water. Drain. Let the rice soak in water that covers it generously for 30 minutes. Drain through a sieve and leave in the sieve suspended over a bowl to drip.

Pour the oil into a heavy, medium pan (that has a tight-fitting lid) and set over medium-high heat. When hot, put in the red chili, urad dal, mustard seeds, and sesame seeds. As soon as the dal turns reddish an the mustard seeds begin to pop, add the drained rice, turmeric, and salt. Turn the heat down to medium. Stir very gently and sauté for a minute. Add 2 /3 cups water and bring to a boil. Cover tightly, turn heat to very, very low, and simmer gently for 25 minutes.

[ From “At Home with Madhur Jaffrey” ]

Baked Mexican Black Beans

Slightly adapted from How To Boil Water. Serves 4-6; prep time 2.5 hours.

1 pound black beans, soaked
3 slices bacon
1 large onion, roughly chopped
5 cloves garlic, chopped
2 t cumin
1 bay leaf
6 cups water or broth
1 jalapeno
2 t salt
1-2 cups chopped tomatoes
1 T cider vinegar

Cut bacon into thin strips, and cook in a dutch oven until almost crisp. Add onion, garlic, cumin, and bay leaf; cook until onion is tender.

Add beans, water, whole jalapeno, salt, some pepper. Scrape up any browned bits in pan. Bring to a boil, cover, and cook for ~1 hour. Add tomatoes, recover, and bake until beans are tender and soupy. Stir in vinegar.

Serve with accouterments — feta, cilantro, diced bell peppers, etc. Good over rice.

Tuscan Chicken Stew

From How To Boil Water. Serves 4, prep time 1 hour.

1 onion
4 cloves garlic
15 oz can cannellini or great northern beans
8 bone-in skinless chicken thighs (~3 lbs)
pinch crushed red pepper flakes
1 large sprig rosemary
1 T tomato paste
1/2 C dry red wine
14-oz can chopped tomatoes
3/4 C chicken broth
1 small head escarole or 4 C baby spinach leaves
1/2 C freshly grated pecorino or parmesan

1. Chop onions, smash and peel garlic. Rinse and drain beans.
2. Heat dutch oven over med high. Pat chicken dry; season w/ salt and pepper. Add oil to dutch oven. When oil is hot, add chicken, skinned (rounded) sides down, and brown (in batches if necessary), about 4 minutes/side. Transfer to a platter.
3. Reduce heat to medium; add onion, garlic, red pepper flakes, and herbs. Cook until onions are slightly soft, ~5 minutes. Stir in tomato paste and cook ~1 minute. Add wine and use a wooden spoon to scrape up any pan bits. Bring to a boil and cook until syrupy (~1 minute). Add beans, tomatoes, and broth, and bring to boil. Nestle the chicken pieces in the stew, adding any collected juices to the pan. Simmer the stew, uncovered, until chicken is cooked through (~20 minutes).
4. Trim escarole and tear into bite-sized pieces. Wash and drain. Add greens to stew, and cook only until wilted. Stir in cheese and season w/ s&p.

Ground Meat with Potatoes

Adapted from At Home with Madhur Jaffrey. Not particularly intensely flavored, but again the boys really liked it. It makes a LOT — at least a couple of meals’ worth, if not more.

3 T olive/canola oil
2 cinnamon sticks
1 onion, finely chopped
1 t finely grated peeled fresh ginger (microplanes rule)
3 cloves finely chopped garlic
2 lbs ground lamb or beef
3 T tomato paste
1 t cumin
2 t coriander
1/4 t cayenne (note: I recommend more, having made it)
1/4 t turmeric
1 3/4 t salt
10 oz boiling potatoes, cut in 3/4 inch cubes

Pour oil in large frying pan over med heat. When hot, add cinnamon sticks & let sizzle 5 seconds. Add onions and fry until brown at the edges. Add ginger and garlic, and stir for a minute. Add meat; stir and fry until meat loseWeight Exercises redness. Add yogurt, tomato paste, cumin, coriander, cayenne, and turmeric, and stir for a minute. Add salt, potatoes, and 2 C water. Stir and bring to a boil. Cover, turn heat to low, and cook ~30 minutes.

Spicy chickpeas with potatoes

From At Home With Madhur Jaffrey. I found it fairly bland, but that’s undoubtedly because I didn’t use a really spicy cayenne. The boys LOVED it.

2 T ground coriander
2 t cumin
1/2 t cayenne
1/2 t turmeric
4 T olive/canola oil
1/2 C finely chopped red onions or shallots
2 t finely grated peeled fresh ginger (I used a microplane, as Jaffrey suggested. Not easy even then, but easier.)
2 cloves crushed garlic
1 C finely chopped tomatoes
3 3/4 C drained chickpeas (she says 2 15-oz cans, reserving the water; I cooked them from dried.)
1 1/2 C chickpea-cooking water, or regular water
2 medium boiling potatoes (5-6 oz), cut into 3/4-inch dice
1 t salt

Mix coriander, cumin, cayenne, turmeric, and 3 T water in a small bowl.

Put oil in a med pan over med heat. When hot, add onions; stir and fry for 3-4 minutes until lightly browned. Add ginger and garlic. Stir for a minute. Add spice mixture from small bowl. Stir for a few seconds. Add tomatoes. Stir & cook for ~3 minutes, until the tomatoes have softened. Add chickpeas and pan liquid; then add potatoes and salt. Bring to boil, cover, turn heat to low, and simmer until potatoes are tender (~15-20 minutes)

Gypsy soup

From Winnie’s file. “It’s all I’ve been eating lately,” she says. She thinks it may have been from, heavily modified.

Heat 2 T olive oil in pot over medium-high heat. Saute:
1 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped celery
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 cup diced, peeled sweet potatoes
… for about 5 minutes until onion is soft.

Season with:
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp each: turmeric, dried basil, salt
1/2 pinch cinnamon and cayenne
1/2 bay leaf
…stir to blend.

Then stir in:
1.5 cups chicken stock
1.5 tsp tamari
Cover, and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.

1/2 cup chopped fresh tomato
3/4 cup cooked garbanzo beans
1/4 cup and 2 T chopped green pepper
Simmer for another 10 minutes or until veggies are tender. Salt and pepper to taste.