Red Radish Jam

This just might convince me that radishes are edible. Maybe. I’ll definitely have to try making it in the spring, when radishes are about the only fresh veggie around — heck, maybe I’ll even GROW radishes for this, that’s an idea. Original Internet Source.

from the book:
“la natura sottovaso” – “fruits and veggis in jars”
recipes for thermomix 21.
a very appreciated gift from my friend Nilla Bertani!

you need:

400gr of red radish (Raphanus sativus)
3 oranges
2 apples*
400gr of caster sugar

cut away the top and the buttom of the red radish. cut in pieces
peel the oranges and cut in slices
peel the apples and cut in pieces.

cop the red radish (with a knife or with a mixer.
put in a pot together with the orange and the apples.
cook for ca 15-20min and then add the sugar.
let cook softly for other 40min.

pour in clean jars and close lides.
put the jars upside down to coolen.
store in a cool, dark place.

you must try it! :))))
it is fantastic with just simple white yogurt,
with a soft, creamy cheese, but also on bread for an unusual breakfast.


use apples that are not to strong in taste (not granny smith o fuji f.ex),
the best sould be two small, puckered apples you don’t know how to get rid of. 🙂

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