Blackberry Liqueur

From Recipezaar; I’m posting it here in case it works out and I want to try it again. 🙂 Started 6/27; I need to strain it 7/9. I think I’ll save the berries and use them for ice cream toppings and the like instead of throwing them away, unless they’re really nasty, but we’ll see. Categorized under canning even though it’s not really, just because I don’t (yet) have an alcoholic section. We’ll see how this turns out. Vodka’s kinda expensive to play with, though, especially organic vodka…

1 cup water
3 cups 80 proof vodka
3 cups white sugar
3 cups ripe blackberries


1 Shake together the water, vodka and sugar to dissolve sugar.
2 Gently mix together with the blackberries, taking care not to cut or crush the berries.
3 Leave to infuse about 10-12 days until the berries have lost most of their color.
4 Pour thru a fine strainer and discard the berries.
5Pour into decorative bottles.

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